The Macedonian Association of Road Engineers (MARE) represents one of the oldest professional associations in the Republic of Macedonia. It was founded in October 1967 and officially registered on November 14, 1967, as a professional association of civil engineers and technicians specializing in roads.

Its establishment involved a group of enthusiasts, composed of professors specializing in roads from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Skopje at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius”, as well as civil engineers representing the former SIZ for Roads (today the Public Enterprise for State Roads), construction companies such as “Granit”, “Beton”, “Pelagonija”, “Mavrovo” and the Public Enterprise for Maintenance of Roads  “Makedonijapat”.

The first president of MARE was elected to be Grad.Civ.Eng. Mladen Nikolovski. During that period, MARE was a member of the Yugoslavian Association of Road Engineers , and at one point, the President of the Yugoslavian Association of Road Engineers was a member of MARE, Grad.Civ.Eng. Naum Manchevski.

Today, DPM represents a voluntary professional association of civil engineers specializing in roads, a non-profit organization that is a collective member of the Engineering Association of Macedonia. The main objectives of DPM are: the advancement and development of the road network in Macedonia, the advancement, development, and successful implementation of modern technical achievements from the science and technology of road and airport engineering, the improvement of legal and technical regulations, etc.

In 2022, MARE marked a significant anniversary, “55 years since the establishment of Macedonian Association of Road Engineers.”

To stay abreast of societal developments, one of the main tasks of MARE in the following period should be continuous activity in professional training and continuous education of its members – road engineers, through professional consultations and scientific conferences.

With their professional proposals and suggestions, MARE, or its members – civil engineers specializing in roads, must occupy their deserved place in society as the most called upon in the field and establish themselves as active agents in the development of road infrastructure in the Republic of Macedonia.