Macedonian Association of Road Engineers

The association is a volunteering, professional and non-profit organization for citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.
МАRE is a member of the Union of Civil Engineers and it contributes to the overall state of the road infrastructure in Macedonia.
МАRE hosted the First Macedonian Road Congress in 2019 and the Second Macedonian Road Congress in 2022.
Our main characteristics are:

Our Goals

Road Infrastructure Improvements

We offer support to any research that is related to the road infrastructure, and helps to further develop the technical and economical situation.

Offering support to Engineers

One of  our main goals is to improve the road infrastructure in the Republic of Macedonia with continuous professional development of the engineering staff.

Event Organization

We organize events that contribute to the education of  civil engineers  For that purpose, MARE is the organizer of road congresses, conferences, scientific-professional debates, professional counselling etc.

Friends of MARE